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March 30, 2009 - Ralph Russano

This message from Jim Bailey, Plattsburgh City Historian:

“This is a fitting place to note with appreciation the Plattsburgh life of Ralph Russano.  Ralph, [who recently passed away] was a cheerful, knowledgeable greeter at the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum (CVTM), located on the “old base”.  He had also been a volunteer docent for the Clinton County Historical Association (CCHA) with his friend, Ken Wray, when the CCHA was located at 48 Court Street.  Ken continues to welcome visitors to the “Band Building” at 98 Ohio Avenue, the CCHA’s new home located right next to the CVTM.  Along with the Battle of Plattsburgh Association’s War of 1812 Museum nearby, these former Air Base buildings are now providing not only a magnet for tourists from afar, but also a unique opportunity for locals to learn about community history by doing volunteer work of all sorts.  A sincere thank you to Ralph for his wholehearted “adopting” of Clinton County’s rich heritage as his own.  We need more Ralphs.”

Thank you, Jim, for your kind remembrance of Mr. Russano.  Volunteers continue to be the life-blood of this and every other community.  Whether it be at the local historical organizations, the hospital, nursing homes, youth sports, libraries, or dozens of other organizations and venues, volunteers are critical to the success of these enterprises, and increasingly hard to find.  As we go through the difficult economic times ahead, there will be more and more pressure to reduce costs and services, and even more importance placed on the contributions of volunteers.  So, to those of you who volunteer your time and energy to help others, thank you and please keep up the great work.  To those of you who are on the sidelines and thinking about volunteering, please jump in and help – we need it.  Thank you!

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