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"PARC Takes the Next Step"


It is time for PARC to take the next step in winding down.  As of November 1, 2010, PARC no longer will be managed by a full-time staff.  As of that date, Bruce Steadman will continue as CEO, Lee Mitchell will continue as CFO, and selected staff members will provide support as needed, on a part-time basis only.  All of these administrative services will be provided at night or on weekends until the formal termination of PARC.  This change is expected to be transparent to PARC’s constituents, except that PARC’s offices will not be open during the normal business week.

In preparation for this change, several months ago PARC requested qualifications and proposals from local real estate brokerage firms, for marketing and sales services.  After a quantitative evaluation of the proposals, PARC selected CDC Real Estate and Matt Boire as its out-sourced marketer.  PARC’s website will be updated to show how members of the public, and interested investors and developers, may inquire about PARC’s status and available properties.  Telephone numbers and email addresses are listed below for the CEO, CFO, and for Mr. Boire.  It is expected that property tours, marketing literature, parcel information, and other data, will be available as easily and quickly as it is today, even as PARC’s staff becomes part-time.

PARC cannot formally terminate its existence as an ongoing business enterprise until it fully completes all of its legal, financial, and administrative obligations to the U.S. Air Force, New York State, Clinton County, and various other agencies and organizations.  This is expected to occur over the course of the next several months, while the last of the available properties are marketed and sold, closings take place, and final legal and financial duties are completed.  In the meantime, PARC’s day-to-day operations will be minimized, and the marketing and sales duties performed by Mr. Boire. 

Please feel free to contact any of the parties listed below if you have questions or comments regarding any issue related to PARC.  The Board of Directors and management team of PARC wish to thank all of our customers, suppliers, contractors, elected officials, and other partners who have helped us to arrive at this important milestone.  We will continue to carry out PARC’s mission, and protect and enhance the interests associated with the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base until the last day of PARC’s existence.

Bruce Steadman, CEO
Administrative Issues
Lee Mitchell, CFO
Financial Issues
Matt Boire, CDC Real Estate
Marketing and Sales
PARC's phone number, (518) 561-0232, will remain active, as well as all email addresses.
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