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June 11, 2009 - Speaking of books...

Speaking of good books to read... the Clinton County Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC) has published “Clinton County ARC Past & Present”, by Marian Calabro of  Ms. Calabro also authored PARC’s recent book, “Flying High Again.”

We highly recommend you pick up a copy of “...ARC Past & Present.”  It has been released in conjunction with ARC’s 55th anniversary.  The book is a colorful and wonderful telling of the ARC story, beginning in 1954 and winding through the years until the present.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there are millions of important words in this book.  The photographs, showing the smiles of past and present ARC clients and staff members, speak loudly about the love, respect, and outstanding assistance that this organization has given to hundreds of North Country families.  It is impossible not to feel the goodness of ARC as you turn the pages of this heart-warming story and see all those happy faces.

ARC has been a resident at PARC for many years, and a partner in the redevelopment of the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base through the purchase of land and buildings.  It is an organization full of integrity, enthusiasm, and determination to succeed, reflecting the quality of its dedicated group of leaders.  PARC sincerely congratulates ARC on 55 years of excellence, and our best wishes for another 55 years of success. 

Please pick up a copy of “Clinton County ARC Past & Present” today, and find out what a tremendous resource ARC is for our community, and see what a great job it has done in delivering needed services to its clients and their families. 

Copies of the book may be obtained at the ARC Administrative Offices, 231 New York Road, on the former Air Force Base for a price of $20, or call (518) 563 – 0930.

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