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May 29, 2009 - It's a great time to buy land at PARC!

It is a great time to buy land at PARC.  As we wind down our activities over the next several months, we expect to sell the last parcels soon.  Currently, we have 10 properties that have not yet been obligated for sale.  These include some choice locations, and they are priced competitively.  Against the backdrop of a growing and active airport (the former base aviation facilities have become Plattsburgh International Airport), and the national economy finally showing signs of emerging from the recent recession, it is a great time to invest in the future of Plattsburgh and Clinton County. 

Here is a summary of 3 prime properties for sale at PARC:

22 Acres at the Corner of New York Road and U.S. Route 9 [click text to see link]
This is the former base hospital property, now vacant land.  Adjacent to the new Glens Falls National Bank branch.  Located at the hub of the south end of the City with significant utility capacity along the perimeter.  Walking distance to Lake Champlain, historical museums, U.S. Oval, shopping, recreation areas, and other amenities.  Excellent spot for hotel, retail, professional offices, or other uses. 

130 Arizona Avenue [click text to see link]
This is the former Simulator Building.  Across the street from the airport.  Offices and storage areas, with good tenants / leases in place, and room for additional occupants.  Situated on a 7.5-acre parcel with plenty of room for expansion, or large enough for further subdivision.  Outstanding value as the airport grows and creates demand for office and aviation support venues.

45 Acres along Connecticut Avenue [click text to see link]
Starts near the southern entrance to the base, just off U.S. Route 9.  Formerly was a base housing area.  Now, all the housing units have been demolished and the land is vacant, green, and ready for development.  Subdivided into 5 parcels, this is an excellent multiple-occupancy site, or great for an industrial park-within-a-park planned unit development.  Substantial utility capacity along Connecticut Avenue is ready for your project.

There are several other exciting properties available for the right buyer and project.  The Plattsburgh community is home to one of the most successful rural military base redevelopment projects in the country, thanks to the many North Country people who have been involved directly and indirectly.  As we prepare to sell the remaining 10 properties and work our way toward the closure of PARC, we believe the future value of the properties far exceeds the current selling price.  Please consider the former base property as a viable investment and an important one for PARC and Clinton County.  Our website: contains maps and other pertinent information on the available properties (, or you may call us at 518-561-0232.  We hope to talk with you soon!

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