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May 1, 2009 - Dennis Doyle

A happy day for Dennis; a sad day for PARC.  Dennis Doyle has retired from PARC after 14 years of excellent service.  And that is the right term in Dennis’ case - excellent service.  He has served 4 different CEOs, dozens of staff people, and countless PARC partners, customers, suppliers, and visitors.  Dennis was always happy to participate in meetings, offer his viewpoint and help on key issues, and take on work tasks requiring creativity and high quality.  He responded well to deadlines, enthusiastically took on duties and responsibilities that challenged his PARC compatriots, and never shied away from something outside his normal purview.  His contributions to PARC have been many.  He helped PARC save literally thousands of dollars by facilitating our ability to complete tasks in house; and he helped bring in literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment through the many marketing materials and correspondences he created.  He has been a tremendous resource for the PARC team. 

Perhaps Dennis’ most important contribution to PARC was his ability to read people and situations.  He has a knack for sizing up the circumstances surrounding an event, a meeting, an opportunity or a problem, and offering sound, calm, dead-on advice for the best way to proceed, especially in times of duress and tension.  His mantra to “Take the high road” has echoed around the halls of the PARC offices so many times that it is ingrained in the minds of all of us, becoming our default response.  This, of course, can be quite maddening, especially when you are all geared up to fire off an in-your-face or get-out-of-my-face letter to that special someone who has crossed the line and pushed all your buttons.  But, Dennis’ tempered, thoughtful way of looking at the moment and at the probable results of the future have never steered us wrong.

Now, that is not to say that we haven’t had our arguments.  He can be cocksure about syntax and semantics, and the best way to use certain words and phrases in certain contexts (“the first annual” and “memorial” come to mind), and his unbending opinion in these matters can drive us frustrated English majors to the heights of madness and revenge.  But then, he will flash that Irish smile where his whole face lights up, and you know that whether you think you are right or not, you have lost the battle.  

It has been an honor and privilege to work with Dennis.  He is a person that we would look forward to seeing after the weekend or a holiday, because he is interesting to talk to, is not afraid to share his viewpoints, and offers a unique perspective to current events and sporting events.  Now, it must be said, that it will be nice not hearing about the Steelers 5 days a week during the football season, and listening to his whining about how at his age he should be using the gold tees at Adirondack (and then watching him shoot 78 from the whites), and hearing him rationalize his obviously leftist political leanings as “independent”; but these are the only good things about his leaving.

All the best to Dennis and his bride as they take off on the next leg of their journey.  We expect to see them often, and to pick his brain on those occasions where we can benefit from his viewpoint and temperament.  He leaves us four words worth their weight in gold: “Take the high road.”

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