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February 12, 2009 - To the residents of and businesses of Plattsburgh and Clinton County:

PARC is in agreement with statements made recently by business leaders in the community: our local economy is growing and robust and a good place to invest. 

Certainly, there are industry segments that are affected by what is happening nationally to housing, automobiles, financial services, and others.  We have respect and empathy for the people who must face the problems associated with these. 

However, the North Country still is a great place to live, work, and play, and we encourage all people to continue living, working, and playing with enthusiasm and optimism.  Consider the many good things that Glens Falls National Bank highlighted in a recent advertisement:

- New Nova Bus manufacturing facility and 300 new jobs
- $33.5 million expansion of the CVPH Medical Center
- $12 million investment at the Plattsburgh International Airport
- 127,000 sf expansion at the Champlain Centres

Here at PARC, we also have experienced many good things lately, and anticipate more in the near future:

- To date, PARC has sold properties with an assessed value of $100 million
- To date, PARC has paid approximately $4 million in taxes and PILOTs (Payment In Lieu Of Taxes)
- In 2009, we expect to close on over 30 properties, totaling $7 million
- Out of 190 parcels created through subdivision, only 10 remain unobligated / unsold
- In 2009, we forecast strong interest by employers and developers in PARC properties
- We are preparing plans to close down PARC’s day-to-day operations in 12 months

The national media are weighted down with a proliferation of negative news stories.  So much gloom and doom become self-fulfilling prophecies for many of us.  Therefore, we think it is time to accentuate the positive, emphasize the favorable, and broadcast the bullish.

PARC is pleased to announce the opening of the Good News Blog.  This new blog will be devoted to musings and anecdotes about good news in the North Country -  about people, businesses, investments, projects, sports - intended to nurture and share enthusiasm and optimism.  The Good News Blog will be attached to the PARC website: We will change the content frequently, and invite all who are interested to submit your thoughts to be posted on the blog.  Of course, we won’t be able to include all submissions, but we will devote the space to good news in the North Country: the upbeat, the happy, the half-glass full stuff.   

In May 2008, PARC released the book, “Flying High Again”, by Marian Calabro.  This new book tells the story of the siting, closure, and redevelopment of the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base.  By way of celebrating our new blog, PARC will offer the first 50 respondents a FREE copy of the book if you mention the Good News Blog when you call or email (phone: 561-0232; email: 

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