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Housing and the cost of living index in the Plattsburgh region fare well in comparison with most communities in the northeastern U.S., particularly metropolitan areas. This was the conclusion reported in a National Cost of Living Survey undertaken in 2000 by Plattsburgh State University in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association. Besides housing, which cost slightly less in greater Plattsburgh than in other participating cities across the country, the survey measured costs in five additional categories: groceries, utilities, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods and services.

A wide range of housing options is available in and around Plattsburgh -- from luxurious lakeside estates and modest single-family homes on uncrowded lots in to deluxe townhouse apartments. A sizeable portion of the latest growth in the housing market in the greater Plattsburgh region has taken place at PARC.

On a regular basis, the Clinton County Board of Realtors publishes a home guide listing available property under the banners of member real estate agencies. You can request the guide by calling (518) 561-8177. The community's daily newspaper ( carries real estate listings.

Above and right: typical
homes and condos in the
Plattsburgh market.
Club Road apartments.
Lake Forest duplex housing for seniors.
Typical "Brownstone" at PARC.
Lake Country Village
housing units.
The former R.O.T.C. building at PARC is being converted to luxury condominiums.