“It is not often when your expectations are exceeded to the extent mine were in the preparation of this book. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone at CorporateHistory.net for your great efforts and creativeness. Your earnestness and professionalism are of the highest order, and your warmth and interest in our story are genuine. Reliving the events and activities of PARC's history has fueled us and cheered us."
Bruce Steadman, CEO
“A fascinating and well-documented and -crafted account of the creation of new prosperity after the demise of the base.”


When the Plattsburgh Air Force Base closed in 1995, consultants predicted that redevelopment would take 25 years. But they underestimated the will of the North Country to recover and the ability of the Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation (PARC) to get the job done. Thirteen years after closure, the former base is home to businesses, nonprofits, residential neighborhoods, community college facilities, and a sparkling new international airport. Indeed, once reuse reaches completion, PARC will have placed over $100 million of ratables on local tax rolls. The transformation was far from easy, however. Thrown into mourning, the community had to envision life without the military. Then, with no road map, it had to formulate reuse plans and turn them into reality.

Flying High Again is a true-life case study of a successful military base closure redevelopment. It chronicles the difficult but triumphant process of redeveloping New York’s Plattsburgh Air Force Base, one of dozens of military bases shuttered by the federal government’s supposedly impartial Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process.  This highly illustrated book explores the process and the personalities, the obstacles and the compromises and, above all, the persistence that has led PARC to be cited as a national model for base closure reuse.

Based on extensive research and in-depth interviews with 60 people closely involved in the process including federal, state, and local officials; Air Force personnel; and the CEOs of PARC; Flying High Again is intended to be a source of pride for Plattsburgh and a useful lessons learned guide for other base closure communities.


Flying High Again traces the historic military origins of the region, as well as the conflicts that flared when the base was first proposed in the 1950s. It explores the diligent attempts to make the case for the base at BRAC hearings. The heart of the book, however, focuses on the redevelopment journey led by PARC from the early reuse plans to the complexities of dealing with the U.S. Air Force, taking stock of assets and environmental issues, transferring the infrastructure, dealing with impacts on schools and municipalities, attracting new business, and redeveloping the runway.

At every step, PARC strove to realize its mission: “Working together to develop new jobs and new opportunities for the social and economic well-being of the North Country, and doing so in a financially and environmentally sound manner”.

About the Author
Marian Calabro is the founder and president of CorporateHistory.net, a custom publishing firm that writes and produces history books for businesses and nonprofits. She has appeared on The History Channel. Her earlier books include histories of The Pep Boys and other businesses, as well as the award-winning "Perilous Journey of the Donner Party" and "Great Courtroom Lawyers."

 Chapter 1: Introduction  Chapter 4 (partial): "Holes Torn in the Social Fabric"

 Sidebar: "The View of Plattsburgh from Manhattan"

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